Happy. Healthy. Harmonious.

Don’t your eyes deserve total joy? At Aveo, we want to change your contact lens experience. Not just how you order contact lens, but how they fit into your life. You’ve only got one pair of eyes — let’s keep them healthy and smiling, all year long.

Get a fresh outlook.

Did you know 99% of contact lens wearers are too lax about their lenses? Overwearing or reusing daily lenses actually causes the major reason people give up on contact lens: discomfort. We’re changing the way you wear contact lens, by making amazing lenses that are also affordable.

Change is good.

Wearing contact lens outside their intended use can lead to irritation, infection, and even serious damage. Don’t do it! We created our inexpensive plans to foster stress-free wear and care.

How we do it.

Happy, healthy eyes shouldn’t be a luxury. We manufacture our lenses to meet our own high standards, so we can deliver the best contact lens — at a price that competes with other online contact lens companies. Enjoy better quality and comfort, at the same cost or less.